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Welcome to BELLS BIOFUEL LOGS. A family run business based in Lincoln who specialise in the sale and delivery of the very best quality firewood logs.

Whether it be Kiln dried or seasoned logs you need Bells Biofuel will provide you with the very best dried logs delivered straight to you.

We deliver to all locations in Lincolnshire and offer a FREE DELIVERY service within a 25 mile radius of Lincoln.

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Please note: £10 delivery charge on deliveries over 25 miles from LN3 5BD  
25 Kilo Bag of Coal
Wood Firelighters (Box)
6m3 Kiln Dried Birch Logs (9 bulk bags)
5m3 Kiln Dried Birch Logs (7 1/2 Bulk Bags)
4m3 Kiln Dried Birch Logs (6 Bulk Bags)
3m3 Kiln Dried Birch Logs (4 1/2 Bulk Bags)
2m3 Kiln Dried Birch Logs (3 Bulk Bags)
1m3 Kiln Dried Birch Logs (1 1/2 Bulk Bags)
6m3 Kiln Dried Ash Logs (9 Bulk Bags)
5m3 Kiln Dried Ash Logs (7 1/2 Bulk Bags)
4m3 Kiln Dried Ash Logs (6 Bulk Bags)
3m3 Kiln Dried Ash Logs (4 1/2 Bulk Bags)
2m3 Kiln Dried Ash Logs (3 Bulk Bags)
1m3 Kiln Dried Ash Logs (1 1/2 Bulk Bags)


Firewood should always be sold as a volume and not a weight as the weight changes with moisture content. In the UK, firewood is sold in loose loads and dropped on customer’s drives or property.

At Bells Biofuel we offer bulk buy deals to help further reduce the price of your logs. We also offer a barrow service at a small cost so that your logs can be wheel barrowed straight to you shed or log store in your back garden.


Kiln Dried Logs are the very best wood fuel that money can buy whereas seasoned and non-seasoned logs do not perform as well as Kiln Dried Logs. With their reduced moisture content of less than 20% they release more heat and produce less soot and tar which exits through your flu. Perfect for an open fire or multi-fuel stove, Kiln Dried Logs provide you with a warming glow, crackling sound and distinct aroma.

Benefits range from;

  • Low moisture content of around 10%-15%
  • They reach high temperatures quicker than other types of logs.
  • Quick to light.
  • Cleaner burn reducing tar and soot build up.


With the continuing soaring price of electricity, gas and oil, heating our homes has become more expensive. Wood burning stoves are a lot less expensive to buy than the new technologies, while wood fuel is very cheap in comparison to electricity, gas and oil. A kilowatt of heat per hour costs about one fifth of kWh of electricity and about one third of kWh of oil and gas.

Wood logs give off a warmth which emits heat long after it has gone out, which makes the room feel much more pleasant than any other type of fuel. Wood logs do emit carbon dioxide when burned, however, the carbon that is released during burning is neutralized by the growing of replacement trees.



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